Mixing & Mastering Services

Need your beat/song professionally mixed & mastered?

I got you covered. You are probably already familiar with my beat mixes but also take a listen to my song mixes & masters to hear that same warm analog crispy sound that everyone wants and that you also hear in my beat mixes.

Preview the beat/song mixes and masters that I did in the playlist on the left side and make your decision from one of the packages I offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time?

Usually this is done within 12-48 hours after payment but this does strongly depend on a lot of factors, like: the amount of mixing orders I receive on that day, the amount of work that goes into a mix etc. so it may vary per mixing order.

Do you only mix tracks with DON P beats?

No, you can use any beat made by anyone.

Can you mix instrument tracks as well as vocal tracks?

Yes, as long as you send the separate stems. Keep in mind that you have to place an order for 2 tracks if you want the beat stems and vocals stems mixed. If you just send the beat as one file and you just want the vocals mixed for example, then ordering 1 mixing order is sufficient.

How many revisions do I get?

You get 3 revisions with your order.

How long do you store audio files?

The files will be stored for 60 days on my hard drive/server. It is your own responsibility to save/store the files within those 60 days.

Is volume leveling included?

Volume leveling is included to a certain extent, but artificial leveling will never sounds as good as when the vocal recordings are already leveled. Make sure that your vocals are recorded with an almost equal volume to get the best mixing result.

As you can see from the picture below, the upper waveform is a vocal stem that I received from a mixing client. You can see the volume jumping up and down. Down below you can see a vocal stem from industry artist Hopsin, which is already leveled while recording the vocals. Any volume differences have been leveled out pre-mix (before it was sent out to mix/master). This is the industry standard and results in much better quality and end results.

This is the way you should send the vocal stems, pre-mix to ensure the best possible mix quality. If it’s not, you should manually automate the volume (before you send the vocal stems) in order to ensure that every vocal part is equally loud. I.e. there is no huge volume difference in the vocals (except the parts where you purposely want to emphasize the dynamics).

Are pitch correction (autotune & melodyne) & arrangement changes included?

No, you have to send the stems with autotune. Pitch correction/tuning is very time consuming and usually it’s difficult for an artist to explain to the engineer how much pitch correction/autotune they really need so that’s why this is not included. Same goes for arrangement.  You basically have to send the track stems when you think it’s a 100% finished and ready for the mix/master. It doesn’t make sense for me to make changes to the arrangement afterwards, you should do this at the recording stage.

Can we discuss things on the phone?

All communication is done via email. Please send a detailed description if you want anything specific done.

Can you make a custom price for a "x" amount of tracks?

Unfortunately, I can’t. I already offer one of the lowest prices/best quality on the net that I can offer. The only deals I offer are mentioned in the pricing list on this page.

How do I send the files?

  • Please make sure you read and apply all the things mentioned in sections above that affect the mix before sending it out for the mix/master as this is all part of the pre-mix/recording process and not the mixing/mastering process.
  • Make sure that any unwanted parts are being removed from the vocal stems. I.e. parts where you are communicating with the recording engineer or coughs that also got recorded for example.
  • Please label each vocal stem correctly! I won’t mix any stem files named “xfjashdj.wav” or “voCaLzSz.wav”. Instead, correctly label them as “Lead vocal (Artist name).wav”, Adlibs (Secondary artist name).wav
  • Separate all vocal parts to where it makes sense. Don’t send intro/outro talk printed onto the Adlibs.wav or Backing.wav stem for example. Instead, separate the parts for the intro and outro and send it as separate stems.
  • Combine all vocals to where it makes sense. If you have recorded the lead vocal in 7 takes for example, don’t send 7 lead vocal stems unless there is a specific reason to do so. Instead combine the 7 parts, so that you end up with 1 lead vocal stem. This reduces clutter and makes it more translucent.
  • If you have a reference mix of your song, please send it. File format (MP3/WAV) doesn’t matter for this one. This helps in case plugin latency occurs. I can compare the reference mix to the final mix and correct where needed.

In conclusion: try to think from an engineer perspective and remove as much clutter/unwanted stuff. Be as specific as possible so that both of our jobs become easier in the process.

Keep in mind: your input is your output. The quality of your recorded stems determine the final outcome of the mix/master. Let me give you an example:
You, or your recording engineer can cook a ribeye-steak (record the vocals and pre-mix them in this case), add seasoning to it (the mix/master in this case) to enhance the flavour (quality of the track in this case) but if the steak is over- or undercooked then the seasoning will definitely help make it taste better but the seasoning will not improve the cooking part. The same principle applies to a mixing mastering process 🙂

After payment, send me the stems to your track in 24-bit WAV file stems. All stems should be sent dry (without effects) for maximum result. Please use WeTransfer.com and send them to info@don-p.com