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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

I haven't received my beats, what happend?

In most cases, the purchases sent to your email address get lost in the SPAM folder. If they didn’t add up in your spam folder, feel free to contact me and I will reply ASAP.

Note that all orders are sent to the email account that you place your order with, unless you provide me with another email address in the additional information box when placing an order.

What is the difference between lease and exclusive licenses?

There are two types of licenses: Non-exclusive and exclusive licenses.

All leases fall under the non-exclusive license term. This means that you don’t own full rights to the purchased beat so as long as the producer (DON P) still owns full rights to the beat, it can continued to be sold until the exclusive rights are purchased.

With exclusive rights you inherit full rights to the beat, which means the beat cannot be sold any longer.

Important note: In the event that someone buys exclusive rights to the beat you have leased, your rights shall stand and the instrumental is still yours to use. For further information, please consult the full terms

Can I use the free downloads for non-profitable projects?

Free instrumentals may NOT be used for commercial/profitable use. They are offered for auditioning & demo purposes only. Usage in profitable projects is forbidden.

Do you also offer custom made beats?

Yes, I do. For serious inquires/specific rates contact me.

The beat is too short or too long. Can you customise the arrangement for me?

Unless the exclusives rights are purchased, the beat cannot be customized by me. I suggest to purchase the track-out lease and manually add/edit/remove certain instruments to your liking.

Why should I subscribe to the newsletter?

You will not be spammed with daily mails. Emails are only sent out when new coupons or special sales are going on, whenever new beats are uploaded or if there is some other big announcement to be made. This way you will stay up to date and don’t have to miss anything, plus you get a lot of advantages over non-subscribers. Of course you can always unsubscribe whenever you like by just clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ button below in the email.

How do I get coupon codes?

You can get coupon codes by signing up to my newsletter. You can always easily unsubscribe at any moment you wish.

What do Track-outs include?

With trackouts you get each instruments of the beat separate as high quality 24bit .wav files. This is favourable when you are looking for ultimate mixing quality. You or your engineer can mix the vocals so that they blend perfectly with the separate beat stems for the ultimate mix.

How about sample clearances?

Instrumentals containing samples are not cleared. It is the artist/label responsibility to clear the samples. This applies to all licenses that I offer. Some sources claim that samples don’t have to be cleared for mixtapes or non-profitable projects, but other sources disagree on this so make sure you get well informed or get proper clearance before releasing it. I cannot be held liable or responsible for any actions or results.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible with digital goods. That’s why I offer free downloads so that my customers can preview & audition my beats first before buying.